About Us

The GunHar Store is a stop for people who are looking to reinvent their wardrobe with minimalist, long lasting, and unique pieces. Pieces that will help you to elevate your personal style while making sure it provides you with comfort. At the end of the day, the goal is to make you feel that you own your Confidence and your Style while owning these pieces. Style is personal to all, but our pieces aim to bring just an additional oomph to your daily style. We are presenting you the pieces for your wardrobe that you can wear not only for 1 season but many more. Clothing that you can mix and match, something that you can wear on myriad occasions, as its all about experimenting and expressing your personality through what you are wearing. The GunHar Store officially beginning its journey in 2023, intends to bring the passion for fashion of our founders to play. Originally the word GunHar consists of the names of our founders Guntaz and Harsh. Lets hear from them the story of how it all started!

Guntaz (Co-Founder - The GunHar Store)

For me, it is such a pleasure to begin this journey of bringing my online store to you, it is like a dream come true. I have always dreamt of pursuing my passion for fashion (was not too sure what exactly). Now in my mid 20's I have realised where I want to channelise it towards. It all started when I was a little girl, who used to come home from school and watch Fashion TV for hours fantasized by nitty gritty details of the clothing, fabrics, design, product, presentation and much more. Fashion is life, as I am growing older realising that it’s extremely important to have your own personal style and fashion sense that reflects our individuality. An outfit or piece of clothing in your wardrobe should not just be inspired by fashion trends that change every year. Trends come and go but developing your personal style through pieces that you can repeatedly wear is crucial not only for our pocket but for our planet as well. 

Harsh (Co-Founder - The GunHar Store)

Every little girl is fond of dressing up and trying to look stylish in the latest styles or trends. I used to do the same except I always stole clothes from my big sister. As I grew up though, it took me some time to figure out what Fashion means to me on a personal level and how it represents who I am. Over the years I realised that Fashion is very personal, style is personal, and our personalities are individual, it doesn't come from merely replicating what others are doing. The sense of Fashion is inherent, it all comes to finding a sense of your own and flaunting it. My passion for Fashion has consistently grown over the years while I was trying to figure out what my style is. This passion for Fashion in combination with the passion of creating something of my own proved to be magic and the result was us presenting The GunHar Store to you. Our Store represents pieces that make you feel confident, and screams belonging in your own style.

We hope you enjoy the visit!